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Understanding the Pricing of Human Hair

Human Hair for weaves, extensions, hair pieces, and for wigs is priced based on several different factors, including where the hair is purchased. Buying human hair bundles for a weave in a beauty salon will cost customers top dollar because retailers must mark it up from the price they paid for it in order to make a profit. Hair from a physical store, like a supply store or a wig maker, will be expensive due to overhead costs of the business, and the fact that it is a specialty store.

Purchasing hair online may be the best place because overhead is low, and customers are buying directly from suppliers so no third party mark-up applies. Purchasing bundles online may mean getting a friend to help weave the hair at home, as many salons will not allow customers to bring outside hair in for a weave. Some do, so check in the area to see if there is one that will.

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The next factor affecting the cost is the condition of the hair. Remy hair, for example, still has cuticles attached and is the finest quality hair available. Virgin hair has not been processed, which makes it healthy and versatile. Bundles from one donor means the hair will have natural highlights, have all the strands going in the right direction, and will be even from tip to end. Those qualities add to the price of the hair. So brazilian hair prices for virgin remy hair from a single donor will be the most expensive Brazilian hair available.

The type and style of the hair are also factors in pricing. If hair is widely available, like Indian hair, it will cost less than hair that is in short supply. Peruvian hair, for example, is not easily sourced, so it can will be more expensive. That type of hair is available in many styles, and it naturally full and thick, so it takes less bundles to get a full look. That may offset the cost per bundle, making it cost-effective even though the price is higher.

A versatile type of hair that blends with many hair textures will also be more expensive. For that reason, brazilian hair prices tend to be more than other types. It is available in the most styles, and blends in well with just about all hair textures.

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